Reports to: President and Executive Director

Term of office: September 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018 for 15 hrs/week

Position Description: Hired by the President, and Executive Director, the Human Resources Manager oversees all HR practices within WLU Student Publications and acts as a resource for volunteers and managers when needed.

Requirements: In order to be hired to the position of HR Manager, the candidate must be a member of WLUSP.


  1. Assist department heads with hiring of general volunteers
  2. Maintain centralized volunteer files
  3. Ensure orientation of new volunteers to WLUSP and their specific department
  4. Ensure new volunteers have received an orientation package
  5. Ensure new volunteers have read policy, signed code of conduct and any other pertinent documents
  6. Assist the President with discipline and termination when necessary
  7. Act as a resource surrounding human resource issues or concerns for volunteers and staff members
  8. Maintain regular office hours
  9. Attend all staff meetings, conferences and other events as required by the President
  10. Maintain communication with the Brantford Manager of Operations surrounding human resources in Brantford
  11. Liaise with Brantford Manager of Operations to ensure adherence to policy and procedures and proper file management.
  12. Oversee recruitment of volunteers on campus
  13. Ensure that departments are planning for their succession
  14. Ensure WLUSP’s compliance with the Ontario Employment Standards, Ontario Human Rights Code, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
  15. Maintain an up-to-date mass volunteer list for WLUSP
  16. Assist the Executive Director and the President with maintenance of volunteer emails
  17. Assist the Vice-Chair with the President’s mid year review
  18. Assist the President with the Executive Director’s mid year review
  19. Prepare a transition report for the position of HR Manager
  20. Any other reasonable duties as required by the President or the Executive Director