Radio Laurier Hiring 2019-2020

Laurier’s official, student-run community and campus radio station, Radio Laurier, is currently looking to hire students the 2019-2020 academic year. If you’re interested in communication studies, web design, public relations, sports,  or student media, and want to make next year Radio Laurier‘s best yet, make sure you get involved!

*The application process is currently ongoing: for each position, please submit a resume and platform to specifying which position(s) you are applying for.


Job Location: Waterloo

Job Summary: The Public Relations Manager is responsible for running, creating content, and managing all of Radio Laurier’s social media platforms.

Responsibilities Include:

    • Adhering to the WLUSP Code of Conduct
    • Attending all other meetings or conferences as required by the Station Manager
    • Hiring, training and managing all Public Relations Assistant on how to effectively engage with our listenership
    • Developing a strategic plan for advertising Radio Laurier’s programming schedule through social media, for example, promoting program content and air times
    • Effectively branding Radio Laurier as a community and campus radio station through social media
    • Developing a social media strategy plan for the promotions of all Radio Laurier events, contests and/or giveaways
    • Facilitating any and all volunteer recruitment through social media and the development of promotional content
    • Completing any other reasonable requests per the request of the Station Manager


Job Location: Waterloo or Brantford

Job Summary: The Web Editor is responsible for the maintenance of Radio Laurier’s website including, style, format and content.

Application: Please include some examples of high-quality websites, explain why you chose them, and what features would be most valuable to have on our website? Additionally, review Radio Laurier’s current website and provide critiques, positives, and any of your goals.

Responsibilities Include:

    • Adhering to the WLUSP Code of Conduct
    • Attending all other meetings or conferences as required by the Station Manager
    • Hiring, training and managing all Web Assistants
    • Updating and maintain the website and its content
    • Maintaining a record of Google Analytics to track website traffic
    • Monitoring comments on the Radio Laurier website
    • Facilitating workshops for Web Assistants
    • Working with other Radio Laurier members in a respectful and inclusive manner
    • Promoting synergy with other departments of WLUSP
    • Any other reasonable duties as required by the Station Manager


Job Location: Waterloo

Reports to: Station Manager

Job Summary: The Sports Manager is responsible for overseeing a team of sideline reporters and play callers for all Laurier Athletic games.

Responsibilities Include:

    • Adhering to the WLUSP Code of Conduct
    • Attending weekly management meetings
    • Liaising with Laurier Athletics to facilitate effective orientation, training and feedback to all members of the sport team
    • Ensuring all games are organized, distributed and assigned amongst sport callers
    • Ensuring that all games are airing properly on Radio Laurier
    • Communicating effectively with the Public Relations Manager, Program Director and Morning-Show/After Class Manager to ensure all programming is suspended or postponed during athletic games
    • Introducing Radio Laurier sports coverage into Radio Laurier social media platforms
    • Promoting synergy within the Radio Laurier management team and other WLUSP departments

About These Roles

These roles give you the opportunity to grow your professional skills and challenge yourself in an environment focused on growth and development by creating high-quality products that are enjoyed by the Laurier and Kitchener-Waterloo community. They provide a great opportunity to build experience in media, student journalism and creative fields, and allow you the chance to be apart of one of the most inclusive, friendly, and fun organizations on the Laurier campus. In the case of performance that exceeds expectations, these positions are also financially compensated by means of an honorarium on a per-term basis.

How to Apply

If this sounds like the type of volunteer position you’d like to contribute to, please send an email to with the following requirements:

    • Subject line “Radio Laurier Application: [Insert Position Title]”
    • A resume (.pdf is preferred) detailing experience relevant to the position
    • A brief cover letter regarding your interest in the position and what you feel you could bring to the publication

Thank you for your interest in joining Radio Laurier‘s team! As applications are on an ongoing basis, and due to the high number of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted for a follow-up interview.

For more information, visit and