Athletic Complex Team Leader

Hours of Commitment: 5 hours per week

Job Description

The Athletic Complex Team Leader works with the Editor in Chief of Keystone yearbook. The team leader must manage a team of 2-3 to keep track of the sporting events and teams while also gathering pictures from these athletic events.


• Monitor Laurier Athletics event calendar closely and ensure as many events are featured as possible
• Establish a strong relationship with the varsity teams and maintain contact with them to collect photos off campus.
• Take photos from various athletic events (i.e. Varsity games, intramural teams)
• All members of Keystone Yearbook are required to contribute to the creation of pages for the Keystone Yearbook

Qualifications & Requirements

• Experience with photograph
• Demonstrate personal interest in sports and athletic events
• Great problem solving skills with ability to manage photography schedules
• Experience in Adobe Suite at an intermediate to advance level

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