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The Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP) team, outgoing (2018-2019) & incoming (2019-2020) administration & department heads

Want to get involved with Laurier’s student media organization? Have an interest in journalism, writing, media, communications or people?

There are many different ways to get involved with Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications. We hire a wide spectrum of people as volunteers and managers, to do everything from content-related jobs to the business administration end of the organization. Don’t worry about your experience — we’ll provide you with the training and opportunities to do what you are passionate about!

Listed below are the positions that are currently open for hire. Click each link to view the corresponding hiring page and application. If you have any questions regarding these positions or the applications, contact

Who/What Are We Looking For?

Our volunteers, as well as the people we hire to work for us, are motivated, eager to learn, and reliable. We are less concerned with your past experience, and are more concerned with how willing you are to learn, seek out new ideas and think outside the box, and that you will complete your work reliably and on time!

Student Publications volunteers believe in the value of free media, and the power of professional journalism; they believe in our organization’s Mission, Vision and Values. This translates into everything that we do, from the objectivity our writing, to the quality of our radio broadcasts, to the professionalism of our distribution service.

In order to provide diverse content, diversity among our volunteers is absolutely essential. We pride ourselves in hiring students from across the spectrum of race, religion, gender, ability, and sexual orientation. This same principle applies to academic programs as well — you do not have to be a communications or journalism student to work for us! We have students from every faculty working in the many jobs that we offer.

If you have questions or concerns about what we look for in our volunteers, please contact

WLUSP Department Heads 2020-2021, Positions Open!

A publication’s department head is responsible for ensuring the production of their publication and, where applicable, their publication’s website. They are responsible for maintaining deadlines, overseeing production, maintaining consistent quality, preventing any instance of libel or plagiarism, preparing budgets, and managing staff and volunteers.

Application requirements:

    • Resume (1 page)
    • Platform (30-page maximum – page count will vary depending on how large the department is)
      A platform is your vision for the upcoming year. Include your goals for the publication, your experience/what you’ll bring to the role, departmental structure, capital asset improvements and any details you feel should be included in your document.

      • Clearly state your name, year of study, contact information and the position you are applying for on a cover page.
      • Clearly label the sections of your platform.
      • In your platform, clearly outline all positions and roles within the publication you are applying for. As well, clearly state any changes you wish to implement within those positions or roles if applicable.

Available Positions:

How to Apply

Applications for each position must be sent to In the subject line of your application email, please clearly state the position you are applying for. The submission deadline for Department Head positions is currently ongoing.

Upon applying for a position, you will be contacted by Aaron Waitson, the current President and Publisher, to set an interview date/time. 


The Cord is hiring for 2020-2021

Click here if you’re interested: applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

*Please note: only successful applicants will be contacted.

Radio Laurier is hiring for 2020-2021

Click here if you’re interested: applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

*Please note: only successful applicants will be contacted.

Blueprint Magazine is hiring for 2020-2021

Click here if you’re interested: applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

*Please note: only successful applicants will be contacted.

The Sputnik is hiring for 2020-2021

Click here if you’re interested: applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

*Please note: only successful applicants will be contacted.

Laurier Student Poll is hiring for 2020-2021: Director of Operations

Click here if you’re interested: applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please note: only successful applicants will be contacted.

The Keystone is hiring for 2020-2021: Director of Social Media, Director of Photography, Director of External Affairs and Promotion, and Director of Visual Design

Email and for more information, or to submit an application. Please note: only successful applicants will be contacted.

Available Volunteer and Management Positions

The following positions are generally entry volunteer roles however, some editor and management level positions are included and may be subject to an honorarium. Best for applicants looking to build skills in a specific area or who just want to get involved with one of our publications. Not sure which publication to reach out to? Email and we’ll help you figure it out!

Currently, The Cord is looking for:

  • Sports Editor
  • Video Editor
  • Lead Reporter
  • Fundraising and Events Coordinator
  • Graphic Designers
  • Section contributors (News, Arts & Life, Opinion, Sports, Features)
  • Photography volunteers
  • Videography volunteers

Apply at

Currently, The Community Edition is looking for:

  • Writers
  • Photographers

Apply online at

Currently, Radio Laurier is looking for:

  • Web Editor
  • Graphics Editor
  • Brantford Manager
  • Radio DJ (General)
  • Radio DJ (Morning Show)
  • Radio DJ (News Team)
  • Athletics Play-Caller
  • Street Team
  • Music Assistant
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Programming Committee

Apply online at

Currently, Laurier Student Poll is looking for:

  • General volunteers

Apply at


Currently, Blueprint is looking for:

  • Literary contributors (Writing Team)
  • Photography contributors
  • Illustrators (Art Team)
  • Web Interns
  • Production Interns
  • Promotions Interns
  • Events Interns

Apply at

Currently, The Sputnik is looking for:

  • Web Director
  • Design Manager
  • News Editor
  • Assistant News Editor
  • Lead Reporter
  • Arts & Culture Editor
  • Opinion Editor
  • Features Editor
  • Writers (section contributors — all sections)
  • Photo Editor
  • Lead Photographer
  • Photographers (section contributors)
  • Video Editor
  • Videographers (section contributors)
  • Graphics Editor
  • Graphic designers (section contributors)
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Senior Copy Editor
  • Copy editors (section contributors)
  • Distribution Manager

Apply at