Grad Photos

Updated September 2019

Laurier Grads –  photo appointments are now closed.

Waterloo campus:  Closed 

Waterloo campus photos are now closed.

Brantford campus:  Closed

Brantford campus photos will be held in November & January.

MSW Students:  Closed

MSW Appointments are held in January on the Kitchener campus.

Grad photos are taken by LifeTouch and facilitated through WLU Student Publications. Grad photos are to be taken in the school year you plan on applying to graduate. You must take your photos before the deadline to be featured on the class composite and yearbook.

Grad Photos consist of photos of you in a gown (provided at the appointment) doing a variety of poses and then a few casual photos without the gown. Visit our FAQ page for more information on what to bring and what to expect.

When do I take my grad photos?

If you are graduating in the Spring or Fall of 2020, you should be taking your grad photos during the Fall 2019 semester. Appointments will open in the Fall (~October) of 2019. So this means that, if you are in your final year of study, you should book your grad photos as soon as possible.

What if I am away from campus due or co-op or exchange?

If you are away the Fall semester of 2019 due to co-op or exchange, you can take your photos when you return in January 2020. We only provide a limited number of January spots for co-op and exchange students, so we encourage you to book early. Dates will become available to book in mid-December.

What if I am away from campus both terms?

If you are away on co-op and/or exchange for Fall 2019 or Winter 2020 terms, you should take your photos in the Summer of 2019. If you missed taking photos during the summer, you can take photos when you return but will be on the 2021 class composite and not the 2020 composite.

What is a class composite?

A class composite is a print-out that features your grad photo alongside the other graduates of your program. This is included in your sitting fee and you will pick it up alongside a WLU vinyl folder for it at convocation.

How do I book an appointment?

When appointments are open, please click on the LifeTouch Link above to be directed to the booking site for your graduation photos. After selecting your session type, click the blue days on the calendar to see open time spots. If no dates are available to click, or if none of the days currently open work for you, check back regularly for new dates to open up. Dates are added usually a week or two before the actual date.

Booking is first come, first serve. If no dates are available when you visit the website, check back regularly for new dates to open up.

You must have your photos taken before February 14, 2020 for you to be featured in the yearbook and class composite for Spring convocation. There will be opportunities for photos after these dates, but you will not appear on the class composite or in the yearbook.

Didn’t know about grad photos and missed the deadline?

We apologize if you did not hear about grad photos and possibly missed a deadline. We try to reach graduating students through emails to departments (for them to then forward along to their graduates), posters on campus, and ads in The Cord, The Sputnik and the WLU’er. Unfortunately, if you missed the deadline for photos there is nothing we can do but encourage you to take photos in the following year. Deadlines are set early to allow time to accommodate all graduates and to ensure class composites and yearbooks are ready for convocation.

Sitting Details:

Composites are included in your sitting fee, and will be provided to all students who take their photo by February 14, 2020. A Keystone yearbook or Carnegie yearbook will also be available for purchase when you purchase your grad photos, or when you pick your composite up at convocation.

The sitting fee is $50, which includes time with the photographer, hard copy proofs mailed directly to you, and a copy of your class composite. If you have a second major, you can purchase a 2nd class composite for $10.

Please bring payment to your sitting in cash, cheque or credit card. Failure to appear for your scheduled sitting without 48 hours notice will result in a $10 financial penalty. To cancel, click the link in your confirmation email you received upon initial booking.

    • Waterloo students, including MBA: photos will be taken at 230 Regina Street North. Please use side door access, found on the left side of the Building
    • Kitchener students: photos will be taken at 120 Duke Street, room 209
    • Brantford students: photos will be taken on the Brantford campus, room CB208


Before you contact us with a question, please look over our list of frequently asked questions.

If your question is not on the list, please contact or (519) 884 0710 x3560. If you question was on the FAQ list and you emailed anyway, your email may not be responded to.

Missed convocation or forgot to pick up your composite? You have two options:

Waterloo Pickup: Book an appointment here to pickup your composite in Waterloo

Delivery: Pay $15 shipping and we’ll mail it right to you!