Blueprint is Laurier’s official arts, culture and political commentary publication. Editorially-independent and entirely student-run, Blueprint aims to be a forum for community engagement, discourse, and creativity.

Content is based around each issue’s theme, and can take the form of art, photography, poetry, prose, or criticism. Submissions are accepted on a freelance basis.

Blueprint is published four times a year.

Stephanie Silva, Editor-in-Chief

The first issue of Bluprint (as it was then called) is published February. The following September, the magazine is published bimonthly.

The magazine loses its full-colour status and changes its name to Blueprint. The magazine becomes a much more political medium, delving into the world of public affairs and diplomacy much more often than before.

Blueprint adapts the slogan “students constructing culture”, a motto it drops in 2008.

Blueprint regains full-colour status and chooses to print quarterly issues.