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About The Cord

Started in 1926 as the College Cord, The Cord is an editorially independent newspaper hitting newsstands every Wednesday. The paper prides itself on providing quality reporting about issues that matter to students.

Keep up-to-date with the Laurier campus and surrounding community through this weekly paper. The Cord also has daily news updates to its website, along with photo galleries, blogs, interactive polls and entertainment reviews.

The Cord is produced by a team of over 70 volunteers and an editorial board of 15.

Brontë Behling, Editor-in-Chief

The History of The Cord

In 2006, an extensive history of The Cord was compiled in commemoration of the paper’s 80th anniversary. To download a copy of the magazine that covers the origins of The College Cord in 1926 to the paper’s modern existence as The Cord, click the link below.

The Cord History:
The Tie That’s Bound WLU for 80 Years

Published 2006
20 Pages
7.7 MB

Important Moments

September 23, 1926
The College Cord printed its first four-page issue. By the third issue, it had doubled in size. The name, The Cord, was explained in an editorial as a place to publish common hopes, common joys and common sorrows, and therefore it will be a tie that binds. The Cord began as an overtly religious and anti-communist newspaper.

Feb 24, 1933
The first Women’s Page was created, and a women’s page editor was hired.

The federal government threatened to shut down The Cord to preserve paper near the end of the war, however, it survived into the post-war years.

The Cord, now a monthly journal, was faced with its first rival publication: the Waterloo College Newsweekly. This was a weekly newsletter, the size of foolscap, owned and run by the sophomore class, which was later taken over by the Student Legislative Executive, the present Students’ Union.

November 7, 1958
The Cord merged with the Newsweekly and became The Cord Weekly.

September 7, 2009
The Cord Weekly lost the weekly, as it was now more than just a weekly newspaper. With regular news updates, blogs and photo galleries, The Cord was branching into new media, breaking ground with both Facebook and Twitter updates. The Cord to now produces daily news updates.