Events Team Leader

Hours of Commitment: 5 hours per week

Job Description

The Events Team Leader reports and work directly with the Editor in Chief of Keystone Yearbook. As a team leader, the chosen candidate will manage a team of 2-3 to outline the logistics Keystone Yearbook’s internal and external events. It is essential in this role to grow the established presence of the yearbook while creating consistent awareness for the Yearbook.


• Plan events that engages the WLU student population and builds awareness for the Keystone Yearbook (primarily during the periods of graduation photos)
• Coordinate registration and booths for upcoming graduates
• Manage a team of photographers and work closely with the Club Management Team Leader for WLU events
• All members of Keystone Yearbook are required to contribute to the creation of pages for the Keystone Yearbook

Qualifications & Requirements

• Experience with photography
• Detailed oriented and precision for event planning
• Great problem solving skills with ability to manage photography schedules
• Experience in Adobe Suite at an intermediate to advance level

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