Radio Laurier DJ

Job Description

DJ’s are ‘On Air Talent’ and producers of their own show and content. You can either broadcast a one, two or three hour show live or you can pre-­‐record this content and air it as a podcast. These shows are to be done on a weekly basis. Radio Laurier strives to have diverse programming that is educational and entertaining for the surrounding community. If you are looking to host your own show, don’t be afraid to bring something unique or different to the table. Time commitment for a DJ is roughly 2-­‐6 hrs a week depending on the length of the show. You can also apply to be a DJ on the Sports Team, or the Morning Show Team. Time commitment for these teams is 3-­‐12 hrs a week. This includes your time on-­‐air and time for off-­‐air research. All outlines will be looked at by our Programming Committee and all applicants will be contacted with feedback and what the next step is.

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