Editor-in-Chief, The Sputnik 2021-2022

Job Title: Editor-in-Chief, The Sputnik

Reports To: President and Publisher

Supervises: The Sputnik Editorial Board, The Sputnik Volunteers, Brantford Photography Manager, Brantford Advertising, Brantford Distribution Manager.

Term of Office: May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 for 15 hours/week, salaried.

Job Description:

Hired by the President and Publisher, Board and Executive Director, the Sputnik Editor-in-Chief is responsible for overseeing the production of The Sputnik newspaper on a monthly basis, ensuring all deadlines are met, and is responsible for overseeing all other WLUSP Brantford Operations. The EIC hires and supervises the work of all Branford Student Publication managers, staff and volunteers. In addition, the EIC is responsible for completing the budgeting process. The EIC will assist the Executive Director in the management of day-to-day Brantford business operations. 

A publication’s department head is responsible for ensuring the production of their publication and, where applicable, their publication’s website. They are responsible for maintaining deadlines, overseeing production, maintaining consistent quality, preventing any instance of libel or plagiarism, preparing budgets, and managing staff and volunteers.

The Sputnik is the official student newspaper for the Laurier Brantford campus. Print issues of the newspaper are released monthly, with online-specific content being created as needed. The Editor-in-Chief will oversee the publication of 8 print issues from September-May,  the content, design and upkeep of thesputnik.ca, and also the Sputnik’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other relevant platforms.


    1. Responsible for hiring The Sputnik’s Editorial board and overseeing the hiring process for general volunteers
    2. Ensure all volunteers are properly oriented and trained
    3. Meet regularly with The Sputnik’s Editorial board
    4. Manage all directly reporting staff and ensure the effective supervision of all staff and volunteers
    5. Ensure that all Sputnik staff and volunteers are informed of and compliant with WLUSP policy and code of conduct, etc.
    6. Facilitate all human resource activities and professional development activities across Brantford departments, including, but not limited to the hiring and termination of staff and volunteers alongside the WLUSP HR Manager
    7. Oversee and participate in activities undertaken to recruit and orient new Sputnik staff and volunteers
    8. Conduct mid-year reviews with members of The Sputnik’s Editorial Board
    9. Assist the President and Executive Director in preparing the interim and operating budget for Brantford departments
    10. Supervise budgetary compliance and bring any desired amendments to the President and Board of Directors in accordance with WLUSP policy and by-laws
    11. Assist the President and Executive Director in the negotiation of contracts relating the matters of Brantford operations
    12. Act as a liaison and mediator between Brantford departments and between WLUSP Brantford and WLUSP Waterloo
    13. Assist members of the Corporation in relations with the university and other outside organizations
    14. Represent the Corporation in relations with the university and other outside organizations
    15. Coordinate public relations activities and represent WLUSP Brantford to the media
    16. Attend all staff meetings unless due warning is provided to the WLUSP President
    17. Attend all meetings and conferences on behalf of WLUSP as required
    18. Ensure that The Sputnik is sent to the printer on time
    19. Responsible for the overall production for The Sputnik newspaper and thesputnik.ca
    20. Manages and oversees all uses or representation of The Sputnik logo or brand
    21. Ensure that Student Publications is operating in accordance with its existing by-laws, policies and guidelines
    22. Advise the President in response to any matters pertaining to Brantford operations affecting the legal status of the corporation, including but not limited to: matters of libel, employment contract disputes, and other legal matters
    23. Participate in the hiring of relevant staff in the months preceding the term of office and the last months of term of office
    24. Prepare a year-end transition report for the next EIC of The Sputnik
    25. Any other reasonable duties as required by the President and/or Executive Director

This role gives you the opportunity to grow your professional skills and challenge yourself in an environment focused on growth and development by creating high-quality products that are enjoyed by the Laurier and Brantford community.

This position will provide a great opportunity to build experience in media, student journalism and creative fields, and allow you the chance to be apart of one of the most inclusive, friendly, and fun organizations on the Laurier campus.

Application requirements:

If this sounds like the type of position you’d like to apply to, please send an email to president@wlusp.com with the following requirements:

    • Subject line “The Sputnik Application: Editor-in-Chief”
    • Resume (1 page, PDF)
    • Platform (30-page maximum, PDF)

A platform is your vision for the upcoming year. Include your goals for the publication, your experience/what you’ll bring to the role, departmental structure, capital asset improvements and any details you feel should be included in your document

    • Clearly state your name, year of study, contact information and the position you are applying for on a cover page
    • Clearly label the sections of your platform
    • In your platform, clearly outline all positions and roles within the publication you are applying for. As well, clearly state any changes you wish to implement within those positions or roles if applicable

    Applications for this position will be due on Wednesday, March 17 at 5:00 p.m. We appreciate and will review all applications, but please note that only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.*

    If the position is still vacant after the first hiring period concludes, applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

      Upon applying for the position, if successful, you will be contacted by Aaron Waitson, the President and Publisher, to set an interview date/time.

      *Applicants who apply before Wednesday, March 17 at 5:00 p.m. will be considered before those who apply after the deadline.